Hiring Florists In New Malden? Read 5 Unique Facts About Flowers First

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Not everyone visiting a florist is aware of the fact that flowers can help in improving anxiety besides offering numerous health benefits. Even a single flower is capable of triggering your happy brain chemicals and makes you feel happy. Blossoming flowers can enhance the beauty of any garden and bouquet within the shortest span of time. Flowers are not just beautiful and impactful but there are a few facts about them which make them interesting as well.

Florists In New Malden Have Shared Few Fun Facts About Flowers

  • Use Gerbera Daisies For A Sound Sleep

Not everyone suffering from sleep apnea is aware of the fact that they can easily treat their condition by placing some fresh gerbera daisies beside their bed before going to sleep. At night, these flowers will absorb carbon dioxide and toxins and generate oxygen. This will help you to get better sleep at night.

  • Broccoli Is A Flower

Though you have been buying broccoli from the vegetable market all these years, you will be surprised to know that broccoli is actually a flower. People harvest them before the flower buds open fully and so they are eaten as vegetables instead of being displayed by the florist in the floral section. This is why people often get surprised when broccoli is incorporated in floral arrangements.

  • People Used To Eat Tulips Bulbs

Though these flowers are not quite famous, you will be surprised to know that people in various countries used to eat them many years back and so they were treated as a vital food source. They were eaten because of food shortage and hunger and not because they were delicious. Numerous people started eating them in place of onions during World War II even though they were dry and had an awful taste.

  • There Is A Relation Between Fruits And Roses

Not everyone visiting a florist in New Malden to buy roses is aware of the fact that these flowers share a relationship with raspberries, plums, almonds, cherries, apples, peaches, pears and nectarines. The rose hips found in some roses and capable of bearing fruits. The rose hips have high vitamin C content and so they are often used to make teas and jellies.

  • Queen Victoria Became A Flower Trendsetter

Queen Victoria was not just known for her beauty but this well-rounded young lady also knew how to arrange flowers. She loved flowers so much that she would often wear an orange floral instead of the traditional crown. She even invested heavily on beautiful floral arrangements on her wedding which later made wedding flowers a necessity for almost all the brides.

If you have loved reading all the unique facts about flowers stated above, this is the right time you start looking for reliable florists and buy some beautiful flowers.

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