The Blooms Boutique funeral and sympathy service is here to help you through a sad and difficult time. We offer a range of unique tributes to help you make your final gift to your loved one or special person the best. By working together we can design a floral tribute which will be tailored to your requirements. It may be a favourite colour or a design which reflected a major part of their life, hobby, experience or just flowers which mean love and devotion.

The Blooms Boutique takes great pride in listening to your requests and turning them into something you will remember long afterwards. We offer consultation meetings and will work around dates with either you or the funeral director, to help you through the toughest of days. Come in and see us or call us to discuss in more detail. Alternatively, you can email us at we know that you will have lots to do, so we can liaise with the Funeral Director to arrange delivery so you don’t have to worry. We will do all we can to help, and will provide the most beautiful flowers possible to make this sad time as easy as possible for you.