Funeral Flowers in Cheam

There can be no feeling quite like the agony of losing a loved one forever. However, it is also of paramount importance that you celebrate the life of the dearly departed by arranging for a funeral. At The Blooms Boutique, we are well – known for supplying the most beautiful funeral flowers in Cheam. We are a family – run business that has been operating for four generations and will keep going strong in the years to come. We make sure that each flower is handpicked and that they are arranged in the best possible way.

We leave no stones unturned to make certain of the fact that the departed gets the best send – off and that every guest at the funeral remembers him or her forever. You can well understand that one of the reasons that we have survived for so long is that we put an added impetus on quality, and that is something we can never compromise with. We are always prepared to go the extra distance, in case it’s necessary, to ensure that we, and more importantly, our clients are satisfied with the quality of products and services we have rendered to them. We take pride in the dedication we have to our craft, and this dedication, coupled with the high standards of quality are two factors that have helped us in going on for the decades that we have.

Being florists is in our genes, and the experience that we have in the business helps us in gathering the freshest flowers for the funeral of your loved one. As far as the arrangements are concerned, we love to hear what you have in mind and mix those ideas with our expertise to come up with the most beautiful floral arrangements.

One thing that you can bank upon is that you are going to get nothing but the best products and services from us.

The Blooms Boutique in Cheam funeral and sympathy service is here to help you through a sad and difficult time. We offer a range of unique tributes to help you make your final gift to your loved one or special person the best. By working together we can design a floral tribute which will be tailored to your requirements. It may be a favourite colour or a design which reflected a major part of their life, hobby, experience or just flowers which mean love and devotion.

The Blooms Boutique takes great pride in listening to your requests and turning them into something you will remember long afterwards. We offer consultation meetings and will work around dates with either you or the funeral director, to help you through the toughest of days. Come in and see us or call us to discuss in more detail. Alternatively, you can email us at we know that you will have lots to do, so we can liaise with the Funeral Director to arrange delivery so you don’t have to worry. We will do all we can to help, and will provide the most beautiful flowers possible to make this sad time as easy as possible for you.