5 Types Of Wedding Bouquets Offered By Florists In Worcester Park

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If you are living in Worcester Park and planning to get married soon, this is the right time to get in touch with experienced florists. There are numerous of them scattered all over the town offering a wide variety of beautiful wedding bouquets to suit brides with various budgets. Just approach someone experienced and you can opt for the traditional hand-tied bouquets, romantic cascade bouquet or ask them to customise one to suit your personality. It is always advisable to pick one which will complement your entire bridal look and wedding theme.

Wedding Florist Worcester Park

Visit A Florist In Worcester Park And Choose From The Wedding Bouquet Varieties Stated Below

  • Nosegay

If you like round bouquets, opt for the nosegay variety. Though being traditional, they are still quite popular. A tight bunch of flowers with similar styles are cut into a uniform length and packed very tightly using a wire or accenting fabric wrap. The bouquet is defined with a focal colour or flower. Since they offer a very classic and elegant look, they are more suitable for small and chic indoor weddings whose primary focus is on the intimacy of the day.

  • Posy

The posy bouquets are generally preferred by the classic brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and even the petite brides as the floral arrangements are a bit smaller in size. A decorative ribbon is used to tie the flowers which allow you to hold it easily in your hand. There is an absence of greenery in a few of the posy bouquets.

  • Biedermeier

This bouquet creates a stripped effect as the flowers are aligned and arranged in concentric circles around each other. The floral arrangements are quite eccentric and filled with excitement and so you can easily use the Biedermeier bouquets for weddings with an artistic or creative theme. Few flowers you can include in the bouquet are dahlias, roses, orchids and texture-filled flowers.

  • Cascade

This bouquet offers a very gorgeous tapering effect as the flowers are arranged in such a way so that they look like a literal waterfall. Ask your florist in Worcester Park to add some greenery and blooms of your choice. You can use it to create an upside-down teardrop shape by hanging it in front of your hand. The top part will have a round shape while the bottom part will form a point.

  • Hand-Tied

If you have a liking for traditional bridal bouquets, ask your florist to let you choose from some beautiful hand-tied floral arrangements. A ribbon is used to hand-tie a cluster of beautiful flowers which gives them a very casual look and is widely preferred by numerous brides. The flowers are arranged in a spiral fashion to create a unique shape and size.

Since you are now aware of the popular types of wedding bouquets, it’s time you choose one and enhance the beauty of your bridal look.

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