4 Unique Ideas For A Floral Easter Party From The Best Florist

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Hosting an Easter celebration party this year? Looking for innovative decoration ideas to impress your guests? Well, with the availability of beautiful spring flowers to make the occasion truly perfect, incorporating them into your Easter party can be a great idea. Wondering how to make the most of spring blooms in your event? Seeking advice from a professional florist in New Malden is all you need to do.

Easter Party 2019

Whether you are organising a brunch with your family or organising a brunch with your best pals, flowers can be a great decorative element for every kind of Easter party. Skilled florists have the experience and knowledge to cater to the decor needs of every size and can easily turn your vision into reality. With their years of experience, they can provide vibrant spring flowers to help you and your guests celebrate, remember and enjoy the party.

Listed below are some decoration ideas you can take inspiration from for Easter celebrations!

From A Reputed Florist in New Malden: Floral Easter Party Decoration Ideas You’ll Love

  1. Opt For Spring Flower Centrepieces

Blown-out eggshells along with spring flowers like daffodils, tulips and ranunculus can make beautiful additions to centrepieces. Even placing these attractive blooms along with other flowers like lilies and roses in a vase on a table can be a great way to enhance the decor of your party. Even a basket full of blue hyacinths will look bright and cheerful when paired with white and yellow decorations.

  1. Choose Colourful Flowers & Foliage

This is another key consideration to keep in mind for beautiful Easter party table decorations. Consider incorporating poppies into your stunning table centrepieces. Available in a in a variety of colours like pink, white, orange and much more, this springtime bloom can be a great decor element. Mismatch furniture elements so that the contrasting materials can add visual interest. Leading florists advise you to stick to a particular colour scheme when decorating your table.

  1. Consider Egg Decorations

The best florist in New Malden suggests creating a beautiful centrepiece for tables with decorated eggs. You can put long sticks of Pussy Willow into an attractive jug and hang painted eggs from it by using colourful ribbons. Even jugs of tulips and daffodils with little props of eggshells can brighten up everything. For a finishing touch, consider baking your own hot cross buns to ensure your house smells as stunning as it looks.

  1. Make The Most Of Easter Flower Vessels

Hollowed-out egg-shells, especially those painted in pastel shades make for gorgeous, quirky vessels for the spring flowers. You can fill these vessels with delicate spring flowers like pansies, snowdrops or lily-of-the-valley. Or you can simply add the colourful flowers to egg-cups. Even baskets make for rustic vessels for your Eastern flowers, by creating a sense of woodlands and countryside. For example, a basket of delightful pink flowers can make a beautiful centrepiece to a coffee table.

So, what are you still waiting for? Approach a reliable florist and get beautiful floral arrangements for the perfect Easter party setting.

Happy Easter, readers!

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