4 Tips From The Best Florist For Late Summer Flower Garden Care

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With the leaves starting to turn brown and numerous plants yielding seeds in the form of berries and conkers, the signs of summer coming to an end are appearing constantly. It is that time of the year once again when summer steadily transits to autumn. Perplexed about how to revamp the beauty of your flower garden? Check out below to learn from a reputed florist in New Malden.

Late Summer Flower Garden Care

July and August- the months of late summer bring an explosion of beautiful flowering bulbs and perennials, offering a varied range of heights, colours and shapes of flowers. It is the time when flower gardeners should enjoy the fruits of their hard work. But unfortunately, drought conditions and high summer temperatures bring a premature end to the beauty of the lawn. And as an avid gardener, you need to ensure your garden looks beautiful throughout the year.

Here’re a few useful tips from a top florist to flower gardeners for late summer.

From A Leading Florist In New Malden: Flower Gardening Tips For Late Summer

  1. Keep Weeds Away

Keeping the weeds away is a fulfilling task during the spring when small weeds allow gardeners to work on unwanted plants. However, at a time when the temperatures rise and tough perennial weeds send their roots deep into the summer-baked oil, gardeners are often tempted to quit weed control.

Experts believe that repeated cultivation by using a hoe, twice every week, can weaken the established weeds. So, if the weather is not too hot to work in the yard safely, you should at least try to remove the seed heads from weeds.

  1. Prevent Insect Pests

Gardeners breathe a huge sigh of relief when usual spring pets such as spider mites, whiteflies, grasshoppers and beetles replace them. Try taking advantage of the cool mornings for conducting yard rounds, plucking off the offenders and dropping in buckets of soapy water. Whether conventional or organic, ensure you use pesticide sprays judiciously since spayed foliage is susceptible to burning in high temperatures. Remember; daily misting can discourage pests.

  1. Water Wisely

The best florist in New Malden recommends watering the flowering plants wisely to be another important consideration which you must keep in mind. Flowers need at least an inch of water every week during the summer months. On the other hand, they need a minimum of three inches of water when the temperature rises during late summer. Experts recommend you to water early in the morning so that the foliage can dry fast.

  1. Check Your Mulch

Do you know that even after laying down an organic mulch of three-inch layer in the spring, high temperature and moist can break down mulching before the gardening season ends? Well, without a protective layer of mulch, the soil’s surface cracks and the delicate feeder roots flowers wither away. So, to prevent this, it is advisable for gardeners to apply a fresh layer of mulch in mid-late July.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to beautify your flower garden!

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